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G-166 - T16
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
N.O.S. B.O. Driving lights - 6V 1332
G166-019-3739 N.O.S. Gauge, oil pressure 0-80 lbs B241247/93739 813
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
Part # Cond Description OS/MFG/ORD No. Bin
G179-700-7605 N.O.S. Adapter, carburator to air cleaner hose SD908321 1739
G179-023-8449 N.O.S. Adapter, carburator to manifold SD905137 1799
* Unissued/used Ammo can, WWII - M2 - used non welded, welded 582
G179-701-0544 N.O.S. Arm, operating tiller, right w/integral fastener assy SD954273 1872
G179-012-0752 N.O.S. Arm, support, bogie spring w/bushings assy SD905621 1769
G179-534-6954 N.O.S. Arm, support, bogie spring w/bushings assy SD908125/A346954 1768
G179-530-8528 N.O.S. Arm, support, bogie wheel SD905622 1767
G179-709-7859 N.O.S. Ball, tension, spring adjusting stud, track support rollers SD908721 1903
G179-570-1398 N.O.S. Bearing set, .030 under, main bearing 3960 2069
G179-530-7496 N.O.S. Bearing, 0.030 under, intermediate, plain, 2 halves SD512801 1897
G179-015-6037 N.O.S. Bearing, bushing type - brass, split, 1/2"w SD905558 1765
G154-011-8004 N.O.S. Bearing, crankshaft - rear plain, Std, intermediate SD197004/A307406 1708
G179-530-7404 N.O.S. Bearing, crankshaft, front assy SD-196999 1346
G154-011-8004 N.O.S. Bearing, crankshaft, intermediate 2nd, 3rd Std SD512975/A307492 1709
G154-011-8002 N.O.S. Bearing, rear, crankshaft, std. SD197004 1908
G179-626-6633 N.O.S. Belt, fan 35"O.D. (Supersedes belt B266428) SD905667 1920
G179-025-7075 N.O.S./T.O.(vg) Blade, fan, engine M29-M29C SD905304 1733
G179-706-1965 N.O.S. Block, juction, ignition assy SD908162 1743
G179-626-6641 N.O.S. Bogie wheel & tire assy SD908175 83
8300-908127 Repro Bolt, bogie spring yoke, through support arm, drilled for grease fitting SD908127 1783
A346958 N.O.S. Bolt, bogie spring yoke, thru bogie spring 11/16" - 11x4-3/8" DLD for grease fitting SD908182 1844
G179-753-9925 N.O.S. Bolt, clip, U bolt intermediate spring 1/2" N.F. 2-1/2" x 3" SD90825 1814
A308463 N.O.S. Bracket mount, motor, Engine front SD905138/2805-530-8463 1581
G179-562-8317 N.O.S. Bracket, adj, tension spring, front - thru Veh 14999 SD905272 1873
G179-562-8446 N.O.S. Bracket, adj. tension spring, rear, thru Veh 14999 SD905971 1874
G179-562-8445 N.O.S. Bracket, adjusting spring tension - rear right thru SN14999 SD905970/C128445 1875
Repro Bracket, battery hold down, repro from original
Repro Bracket, battery hold down, repro from original 1721
G179-530-8492 N.O.S. Bracket, clutch pedal shaft support, right SD905410/A308492 1745
G179-530-8464 N.O.S. Bracket, clutch pedal shaft support-left SD905557/B266457 1744
B179-706-1998 N.O.S. Bracket, clutch release cable conduit anchor clip-aft Veh 2365 SD908288/7061998 1812
7010585 N.O.S. Bracket, drive tract guide wheel, front w/shaft assy. M29, M29C -aft SN4102 SD908395 1766
7010422 T.O. Bracket, drive, track guide wheel,front w/cups less shaft SD908269/M29-M29C 1831
G179-626-6452 N.O.S. Bracket, generator support - rear SD905513 1582
G179-709-7881 N.O.S. Bracket, mounting ammeter SD674436 1347
G179-530-8464 N.O.S. Bracket, mounting engine front support assy. Left M29 SD905139 1742
G179-732-4238 N.O.S. Bracket, mounting, fuel gauge SD667396 1732
G179-657-2964 N.O.S./T.O. Bracket, spring bumper SD905214/D723964 1926
B179-530-8497 N.O.S. Bracket, steering & axle transmission control cross shaft, right SD905464 1813
G179-015-1606 N.O.S. Bracket, threaded bogie spring support arm SD905609 1850
G179-562-8275 N.O.S. Brake bands, steering -w/lining SD900671 63
G179-015-5808 N.O.S. Bumper, front & rear bogie spring SD905862/A308591 1747
G154-012-8026 N.O.S. Bushing, axle differential - drive shaft gear SD9000713 1740
G154-012-8021 N.O.S. Bushing, clutch release, shaft w/oiler SD199918 1805
G154-012-8022 N.O.S. Bushing, piston, bronze - 13/16"L - 0.740925 I.D.; 0.877 O.D. SD515068 1848
G179-626-6435 N.O.S. Cable & conduit, clutch release M29-M29C SD905142 1793
G179-657-3016 N.O.S. Cable, accelerator w/tube & yokes SD905529 1795
G179-016-2625 N.O.S. Cable, high tension distributor to coil w/supressor & terminals SD905697/A308544 1859
G179-700-7411 N.O.S. Cable, radio terminal box to batt. positive post w/conn assy - after SN 3102 SD908301 1865
G179-530-7189 N.O.S./T.O. Cap, hub, track support roller SD903249 1888
G179-016-3400 T.O. Carburator, M29-M29C SD905642 1779
G179-657-3014 T.O. Carrier, drive wheel assy. thru SN 13560 SD905592 1891
G179-709-7861 N.O.S. Carrier, left - with bushings SD908735 1843
G179-709-7861 T.O. Carrier, left w/spring, tension idler wheel 2158
G179-012-0900 N.O.S. Carrier, right w/bushings SD905646/C128-334A 1842
G179-012-0900 T.O. Carrier, right w/spring, tension idler wheel 2154
G154-021-7862 N.O.S. Case, compensating gear SD900666/B266332 1855
G179-700-7620 N.O.S. Chock, bow M29C SD954620 1871
G179-534-6637 N.O.S. Clamp, windshield hold down, right side only SD952698 1929
G179-530-8649 N.O.S. Clip, parking, manual, windshield wiper arm SD1736X1R/218312 1868
G179-534-6701 N.O.S. Control assy manual windshield wiper arm - 6-5/8" L; crankshaft & hsg SD952846P 1734
G154-014-0085 N.O.S. Cover, body, oil pump SD195299 1909
G179-701-6463 N.O.S. Cover, control, auxillary transmission SD908572 1893
G179-706-1969 N.O.S. Cover, support w/adj. screw distributor SD908267/7061969 1917
G179-700-7474 N.O.S. Curtain, back top assy M29-M29C - SN 3133 & up SD954422 1762
G179-530-8589 N.O.S. Data plate, publication M29C SD905856 1700
G179-020-4500 N.O.S. Distributor assy w/drive gear SD905127/6266501 1853
G179-562-8366 N.O.S. Door,engine compartment inspection w/hinges SD952110/C128366 1760
G179-021-5322 N.O.S. Drum steering brake w/gear assy. M29, M29C SD905748 1770
G179-701-0518 N.O.S. Element, air cleaner w/gasket - M29 SD908320 1704
G179-701-0590 N.O.S. Extension, generator belt adj. arm. SD908346 1720
G179-025-7230 N.O.S. Fastener, seat back assy arm operating tiller - left & right SD950971 1907
G179-530-8471 N.O.S. Flange, idler, wheel crank arm support tube SD90151 1821
G179-027-0301 N.O.S. Float, carburator w/lever assy SD905889 1735
G154-018-6792 N.O.S. Fork, shaft, transmission 2nd & High SD197252 1727
G179-53-07346 N.O.S. Gasket, Exhaust pipe to manifold 5630-530-7346 1849
G179-626-6111 N.O.S. Gasket, cover, transmission SD197256 1858
G179-657-2867 N.O.S. Gasket, cylinder head SD196585 1167
G154-019-4036 N.O.S. Gasket,bearing cover, transmission 0.015 SD197234/W635831/A307417 1852
G179-091-9033 N.O.S. Gear 1719
G179-700-7546 N.O.S. Gear set, differential SD908330 2206
G154-019-6003 N.O.S. Gear, driven, oil pump SD196069 1738
G179-029-2405 N.O.S. Gear, low speed, axle transmission main shaft SD905685 CE005791 1857
G179-029-2409 N.O.S. Gear, planet axle, differential - 23 tooth SD905752 1801
G179-530-8540 N.O.S. Gear, speedo driven w/intergal shaft (Helical 15T) SD905688 1914
G154-019-6008 N.O.S. Gear, spur, S; 1.275 I.D.; 10 splines; 39 teeth; 4.544 O.D. 1.O face, stght SD900697 1877
G179-029-3000 T.O. Generator w/drive pulley assy. 40 amp Mod GGA4801 SD183348 1892
8465-01-004-2893* N.O.S. Goggles, sun, wind & dust w/clear & gray lenses 1723
G179-732-4207 N.O.S. Grommet, vent tube cap SD908881 1163
G179-732-4255 N.O.S. Guard, track supporting roller SD908499 1807
G104-213-9988* N.O.S. Handle, spotlight w/conduit, plug & switch B207563A 1967
G179-032-0025 N.O.S. Harness, hull wiring, main M29-M29C SD905734 1702
G154-021-1400 N.O.S. Head, cylinder (C-1) 7-1 ratio SD513815/B266132 1826
G179-706-1970 N.O.S. Housing, mounting, manual windshield wiper w/bracket SD952859P 1749
G179-706-1966 N.O.S./rub cks Hub, drive wheel assy SD908166 1885
G179-706-1966 N.O.S. Hub, w/bearing cup assy - after SN 2102 SD908166 1851
G179-701-0602 N.O.S. Impeller, water pump w/carbon washer & seal assy SD908436 1411
G179-701-6439 N.O.S. Insulator, roller shaft, rubber - after SN 4102 SD199388 1906
G179-701-0634 N.O.S. Keeper, stretcher foot pocket (Chain, pin & washer) SD954262 1883
G179-833-1018 N.O.S. Kit, carburator overhaul, major - Carter SD905784/1045 1830
42-P-5347* N.O.S. Kit, field cotter pins. Asst - 75pcs; 1-1/2" - 2-21/2" 1074
G179-570-1785 N.O.S. Kit, modification, accelerator M29C Cargo carrier A570178 1915
G1779-042-3604 N.O.S. Kit, repair, cranking motor field coil SD-D-594 1751
* N.O.S. Knob, "panel lights" switch with screw assy. 1846A
G179-042-7938 N.O.S. Knob, starter switch w/screw assy SD905226 1846
G179-534-6573 N.O.S. Knob, windshield prop lock SD952472 1878
N.O.S. Lamp Bulb, headlight M29C SD952812 1381
G179-626-6444 N.O.S./T.O. Lever w/shaft assy. steering SD905482 1756
G179-534-6796 N.O.S. Lever, shift transmission lever between legs SD905397 1757
N.O.S. Lever, shift, transmission second & high, outer, M29 & M29C SD905080 A308449 1701
G179-701-0492 N.O.S. Lever, shifting, sliding clutch shifting rod SD908171/10160 1713
G179-045-0171 N.O.S. Lever, transmission remote control 1st & rev. cross shaft SD905086/A308451 1790
G179-626-6444 N.O.S. Lever, w/shaft assy - steering w/hand grip SD905482 1732
G154-027-6325 N.O.S. Lifter or tappet valve w/screw assy SD194225 1741
G154-027-6499 N.O.S. Lining, steering brake band SD900673 1775
G179-045-4600 N.O.S. Link, elect. windshield wiper arm - 12-15/32"L SD952275P 1730
G179-046-1292 N.O.S. Lock ,bogie spring support arm bracket SD905617/A308525 1802
G179-530-8483 N.O.S. Lock, spring adjusting bracket SD905274 1887
G154-028-7299 N.O.S. Manifold, intake & exhaust w/heater valve SD900744 1789
H004-034-5000 N.O.S. Nipple, insulating, distributor SD44961/A307251 1861
G179-053-9111 N.O.S. Nut, adjusting, steering brake band wing nut SD902717/2703 1711
G179-534-6957 N.O.S. Nut, jam, hex - 11/16" - 11 NS - 24 used on suspension gear SD908181U 1824
G179-053-9110 N.O.S. Nut, wing, 3/8" - 24 NF-2; engine compartment lid SD651409 1832
G179-741-6070 N.O.S. One pair main bearings; 3 pair crankshafat cylinder bearings 1579
G154-033-0438 N.O.S. Outlet, engine water C.I. SD199278 1816
G179-690-8283 N.O.S. Panel, radiator support and air duct, right w/studs for fuel filter mtng SD952123 1837
G179-057-4550 N.O.S./T.O. Pedal, clutch and shaft assy (no pad) SD905404 1754
SD905557 T.O. Pedals assy, clutch & accelerator w/shaft & brackets & pads SD905420/SD905404 1755
G179-733-7599 N.O.S. Pin 1886
G154-033-8701 N.O.S. Pin, ignition, distr. drive shft gear pin SD156090 1345
G179-833-2498 N.O.S. Pinion assy w/bearing, transmission 1792
G154-033-8515 N.O.S. Piston, std w/bushings & pin assy C.I. SD515764 1895
G154-033-8815 N.O.S. Piston, w bushing & pin -STD cast iron M29 SD515746/A3075 32A 1705
G179-732-4227 N.O.S. Piston, w/pin - 0.040 oversize SD908977 1847
G179-732-4227 N.O.S. Piston, w/pin - 0.040 oversize SD908977 1847
G179-058-2902 N.O.S. Plate, bogie spring, support - aft Vehicle #3400 SD908338 1786
G179-732-4200 N.O.S. Plate, engine rear w/slinger SD908935/D72866 1818
G179-701-0509 N.O.S. Pulley, sliding clutch shaft, Capstan SD908157 1829
G179-908-005 N.O.S. Pulley, water pump fan & generator drive assy SD908005 1781
7010598 N.O.S. Pump, fuel assy AC Type BF - G179-701-0598 SD908354/AC1538642 1763
G749-741-0563* N.O.S. Pump, primer w/handle & nuts SD905723 1797
G179-534-6936 N.O.S. Pump, water assy w/pulleys SD908004/8300-908004 1836
G179-063-7475 T.O. Checked, restored Regulator, generator VAM4101-40 amp B266575 1932
G179-774-3822 N.O.S. Regulator, generator relay, current & voltage A1-VAG3071 SD905784/7743822 1703
T.O./ N.R. Regulator, generator, relay & voltage assy 1774
G154-036-7643 N.O.S. Retainer, axle transmission front bearing SD900646/C128273 1726
G179-626-6545 N.O.S. Retainer, engine compartment lid weather seal to bulkhead SD952506P 1725
G179-701-6438 N.O.S. Retainer, shaft insulator SD199177 1803
8300-908-350 N.O.S. Rivet, steel, B-head-1/4" x 9/16"x20"; track w/hi guide after SN2103 SD908350 1910
G179-741-6081 N.O.S. Rod assy. connecting, cylinders 1-3-5 standard 2805-463-1972-G179 1752
G154-037-3270 N.O.S. Rod assy. connecting, cylinders 2-4-6- Standard SD199828 1753
B266449 N.O.S. Rod, axle transmission lever to cross shaft w/yokes assy SD905499 1796
G179-732-6172 N.O.S. Rod, connecting - 0.020 undersize - Cyl's 1-3-5 SD512525 1838
G154-037-3269 N.O.S. Rod, connecting - Std. cyl's 1-3-5 SD199827/E266125 1839
G179-741-5958 N.O.S. Rod, connecting Cyl 2-4-6 14909 1896
B266629 N.O.S. Rod, shift, transmission remote control, 2nd & high w/yokes SD905978 1759
G179-064-9350 N.O.S. Rod, steering control cross shaft to axle w/yokes assy " M29XC rudder control SD905466/G179-626-6437 1758
G179-706-1996 T.O. Roller, w/bearing, oil seal, fitting SD908175 1881
G154-038-2027 N.O.S. Screw, cylinder head - 7/16" x 4-1/4" SD196707 1780
G179-706-2004 N.O.S. Screw, hex head-crankshaft fan drive pulley - 11/16" - 10 NF - 2x1x1/4 SD908297 1828
7061963 N.O.S. Seal Oil Assy, Bogie Wheel 32 reg SD901988 CM901988 1374
G154-03-82800 N.O.S. Seal Oil transmission shift lever shaft cork, 2 reg. SD196151 A307374A 1373
8300-908196 N.O.S. Seal, oil, drive track guide wheel assy SD908196/A346961 1810
G154-038-6090 N.O.S. Seal, transmission shift lever SD156090 1344
G179-732-4072 N.O.S. Shaft & lever assy, choke valve plate "Carter Carburetor" SD908856/Car14-3245 1712
G179-530-8398 N.O.S. Shaft, bogie wheel 8" long SD90515/A308398 1819
G-179-701-0495 N.O.S. Shaft, capstan clutch (10 splines) M29 only SD908072 1975
G179-626-6431 N.O.S. Shaft, clutch, release assy. SD905342 1904
G179-706-1994 N.O.S. Shaft, cross 1st speed & rev. w/lever assy. - after SN 1002 SD908247(Supersedes A308450) 1811
G179-562-8322 T.O. Shaft, cross steering brake & aux. trans. control w/brackets SD905494 1884
G179-626-6597 N.O.S./T.O Shaft, drive axle, - 4.75 degree flange, 26 3/16"L SD905591 1894
G154-038-4601 N.O.S. Shaft, driven gear, oil pump 0.49675 O.D.; 1-5/8" O.A. SD195406 1916
G179-626-6596 N.O.S. Shaft, input, auxillary transmission SD905796 1823
G179-626-6596 N.O.S. Shaft, input, auxillary transmission SD905796 1823
G179-562-8144 N.O.S. Shaft, main transmission - splined 10 - 15/16" O.A. lenght SD900789/2317 1715
G179-833-1737 N.O.S. Shaft, main, transmission - 6 splines 1791
G154-038-4630 N.O.S. Shaft, oil pump drive w/gear assy SD199142 1716
G179-562-8312 N.O.S. Shaft, propeller - 25- 3/16" C to C of flanges SD905164 1845
G179-067-2050 N.O.S. Shaft, speedometer w/core assy (shaft - 73 -3/8"L) SD905763 1809
G179-626-6594 N.O.S. Shaft, steering brake cam w/intergal lever SD905962 1729
H004-050-4780 N.O.S./T.O. Shield, instrument light - 12 prong SD667501 1923
G501-562-2179 N.O.S. Shield, spotlight SD925540 64
G179-067-2451 N.O.S. Shim, 0.1196 thick, bogie spring support & arm SD905620/A308526 1808
G179-530-8526 N.O.S. Shim, spring supporting arm bracket SD905209 1731
G179-701-6407 N.O.S. Shoe, transmission; 1st & Rev. gear shift, after SN4935 SD908486 1854
G179-736-2133 N.O.S. Sleeve, engine cylinder 1740
G154-03-69901 N.O.S. Snap ring, transmission main shaft 2nd & Hi synchronizer, 1 reg SD197230 A307416 1722
G179-530-8179 N.O.S. Spacer, Steel tubing - 1 -3/4"OD, 0.233 wide, 0.120 thick, low range gear SD902708 1342
G179-709-7870 N.O.S. Spring, compression - Idler wheel - 1-1/2" I.D., 11-13/22 " OAL - after SN 14999 SD98229 1902
G179-562-8348 N.O.S. Spring, suspension, intermediate w/brgs. after SN 2102 SD905768 1833
G179-701-0673 N.O.S. Spring, tension, idler wheel assy. 7 leafs SD908439 1764
G179-562-8435 Rebuilt Starter assy, engine 2364
7010535 N.O.S. Steerer, reel & handle - M29C SD954378P 1788
G179-700-7604 N.O.S. Stop, rudder - M29C SD954026 1876
G179-023-8740 N.O.S. Strainer, carburator filter SD905891 1717
G154-039-2191 N.O.S. Strainer, oil w/screen & elbow assy SD901612 1748
G179-700-7426 N.O.S. Strap, battery hold down w/end assy SD954372 1737
H004-0500-320 N.O.S./T.O. Suppressor, elbow type, resistor type - snap on spark plug LCC-520A 1863
H004-050-0329 N.O.S. Suppressor, electrical noise resistor type, Dist to coil, straight 500329 1862
* N.O.S. Switch assy, instrument panel (knob sold separartely) 1846B
G179-702-8436* N.O.S. Switch assy. Pistol grip, spot light handle SD954650 1343
G179-069-0368 N.O.S. Switch, solenoid crank motor assy B26604/A34788 1707
G179-069-8401 N.O.S. Terminal, push, blackout marker light connector cable SD198667 1800
G179-071-9246 N.O.S. Tube, idler wheel carrier and arm support SD952364 1787
G154-042-7254 N.O.S. Valve, relief, oil pressure SD192316 1889
G179-534-6953 N.O.S. Washer, plain 3/4" I.D. x 1-1/4: O.D. Wheel support bearing SD908043U 1806
8300-908195 T.O. Wheel, guide, drive, track w/bearings SD908195 2166
G179-706-1984 N.O.S. Wheel, idler with rubber band SD908019 145
G179-562-8453 N.O.S. Wheel, idler assy w/hub, bearings & 2 idler wheels SD908020 1890
G179-626-6631 N.O.S. Yoke assy, slip universal joint SD515270 1777
G179-562-8458 N.O.S. Yoke, threaded, bogie spring SD90811/C128458 1778
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